So many fun things happening!!!

This Summer has been so crazy! Lots of festivals, parties, and fun. But also a lot of hard work, which has completely paid off! This year I have the honor of being Assistant Shin to New York’s Empire Fire Collective, and we just found out we have been accepted to be a part of the Great Circle this year at Burning Man. I couldn’t be more thrilled to have been a part of creating something really amazing!Empire Fire Collective

(This is the whole crew! We choreographed a multi prop fire piece based off the chakra system for Burning Man’s Fire Conclave! Photo by: Michael Racanelli Rough Night Studios)

Aside from that we have also teamed up with Vulcantown to create Vulcan Empire, a collective theme camp dedicated to flow arts and movement. Classes all day. Lots of learning. If you are on Playa this year come check us out, we’ll be at 2:15 and Rod’s Road.

If you’re not going to the Burn this year but are still itching to get some classes in, fear not! I’ll be teaching two very different workshops before I leave for my westward journey!

knee hooping

This Friday! 7pm-8pm then FREE flow jam 8-8:30pm I’ll be teaching Lotus Hoop Flow, a yoga infused Hoopdance class at Laughing Lotus BK. Don’t have a hoop? Don’t know how to hoop? No problem! This is an open level class and I have plenty of hoops to share! Sign up at and check out the Facebook invite here.


And last but certainly not least I’ll be teaching an Introduction to Meditation and Pranayama class at Return to Roots Gathering on Friday from 4:00-5:30 in the Sahasrara Sanctuary. You can check out the rest of the awesome workshop schedule here.

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