Roadtrip baby!

I’m such a huge fan of road trips. My most recent trip marks my third road trip from NYC to the West coast and I have to say it never gets old! There is always something new to see or someplace I’ve never been. Even places I have seen before are exciting to revisit, being able to view them them in a new light or with new people is just plain amazing. This time around my trip was extraordinarily unique as I was traveling in a purple mini bus along with a group of fellow flow artists, who I have since formed a performance troupe with called The Sub Flow Show. It was also my first time driving a bus and although it wasn’t a huge vehicle I still felt like a bad ass.

After Chicago we booked it straight for Denver to check out the night market. If you ever have the opportunity to see one of the night markets in action I highly encourage it! It’s basically a pop up art installation shown out  of the backs of a number of box trucks which is then packed up and driven away right after the night market ends, very leave no trace!

After we headed out to Nevada where we made a quick pit stop at a ranch in Fernley to say hello to a friend who was helping build a few of the larger art cars which made it to Burning Man this year.

After many hours of driving we finally made it to Burning Man! Dusty, hot, inspiring, and crazy as always! It felt good to be home!

After Burning Man was over I made an impulsive decision to extend my trip and travel around California. I spent some time at the Vulcan Lofts, Lake Anza, Berkley, sadly I hardly took any photos of my time in Oakland, but I did get to see some cool things, chill with some awesome people and go to one of Vulcan’s spin jams. If you ever find yourself at the Vulcan Lofts be sure to take you time and appreciate all the awesome artwork and cool events going on there!

I took the BART from Oakland and spent a brief time in a part of San Francisco I’ve never been to before. Saw some cool artwork and got to hang out in Dolores park for a bit.

For the last leg of my California expedition I got on a Bolt Bus and headed to L.A. it was a long trip but very beautiful.

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